A Humble Plug: Vote for me in the SFR Remix Contest!

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So Strange Famous Records put up a message about a new remix contest featuring the acapella of “Don’t Think” from No Bird Sing’s upcoming album. You might know that I have played with mashup editing since probably 15 years old. To keep the remix a strictly “Strange Famous in MPLS” affair, I used Cecil Otter’s “Rebel Yellow” instrumental. I put a lot of time into this, the instrumental’s actually been pretty heavily chopped up but it’s hard for even me to tell where if I’m not looking at it in Acid.

If you enjoy it, please leave a comment on SFR’s contest page (comment link is at the bottom of the page):


The fact is the contest looks to be really heavily dependent on social media and people bugging their friends to vote for them; seeing long strings of people voting for one person, then another long string of people voting for another person is really obvious. I suspect Sage and them will keep that in mind.

I really don’t care if I win the thing, I just think it would be cool as hell to have Sage, Joe and maybe even Cecil hear this and enjoy it.

I’ll be gone at least all tomorrow on my first anniversary. Depending on how Sunday looks I’ll be getting a review going for the No Bird Sing album due out next week.

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